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Golden Sand Home Builders
About Us

Golden Sand Home Builders

We build houses, but we create homes.

At Golden Sand Home Builders, we believe that your house is more than just a shelter, it is a home. It should be an expression of your values and aspirations. We craft spaces that are functional and beautiful; and, in this age, energy efficient. We understand that after a long day’s work you want to return to a familiar comfort.

Our dedicated team of professionals – masons, civil engineers, electricians, plumbers, architects and other technicians – use the latest building materials, technology and designs strive to ensure that each project, from concept to delivery, are trained to safeguard punctuality, quality and beauty.

We understand that from our first consultations to completion, we are building a relationship in which your investment is our commitment to functional comfort and artistic sensibility.

Our History

Golden Sand Homes™

has become Kashmir’s leader in project management, safety and building. We specialize in construction of residential homes. We are a young team who, since our beginnings in 2002, have slowly begun to diversify into commercial and infrastructure projects.

  • On Time Completion.
  • Cost Transparency.
  • Technology.
  • Warrenty