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Aijaz A. Sofi

Aijaz A. Sofi

Dear friend,

Thank you for visiting us on our Website.

Encouraged by the independent recognition received recently, my team and I have chosen to speak out a little more about ourselves. We are a small team but our goal is ambitious. It is to first build our team first. A team that is very quality conscious, thinks together and with a vision that we all understand.

With this team, we have built several homes now. We began with the idea that we must concentrate on quality rather than quantity and then slowly increase our quantitative output. We have reached that point now and are starting to reach out to a larger audience, first within Kashmir and then beyond.

Whether you want to work with us from concept to completion, to construct an already designed home or to renovate in your present home, you will find us willing us listen to you, make our professional recommendations and offer transparent and responsible answers to questions about scheduling and costs.

As the CEO of Golden Sand Homes™ my key tasks are to listen to and learn from conversations with you and my team of specialists. Only then can I ensure delivery of your dream home on time and within a practical budget. I am confident our expertise in this task will convince you to work with us. We invite you to visit our offices and assess for yourself. If you wish, I would be happy to recommend you to one of our former customers so that you can get a firsthand assessment of our product-service combine.